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The Truth Behind Segregated UK Schools

The following article seeks to uncover the truth behind segregated US neighborhoods. My focus is on Greater London, which has some of the most exclusive and wealthiest areas in England. I will show why these areas remain so exclusive and why it is that they attract the very wealthy to them.

The first thing we need to look at is why some areas of the UK are highly segregated? The answer is easy. The richer people in an area become so because they live there. They buy nice houses and drive expensive cars, but they do not let their money grow stagnant. This allows them to concentrate on making their money grow. The end result is a lot of houses in certain areas that are extremely expensive and very exclusive.

The second reason for being so segregated is also quite simple. If you have children who attend a school where you are taught in a language other than the one you speak at home, then you are going to be stuck in a minority. You cannot escape this fact. It is inevitable and it is why there are so many poorer schools in the UK.

That brings us on to my next point. Wherever there is mass education, there is segregation. In the UK, this means that the richest neighbourhoods are also packed full of poor kids from minority backgrounds. The two are inevitably intertwined. The richer areas are also less likely to integrate the different cultures represented in their schools into their own.

How can you avoid this situation? Well, one way is to look for a school in an affluent, minority area. This could involve an expensive renovation of the existing school and new selective teaching, if that is what you want. Another option is to buy into a neighbourhood coop. These are available in just about every city in the UK and they allow parents the opportunity to combine their children and make a positive difference to the neighbourhood. The kids get to meet the rest of the community and learn to get along with each other in a safe environment.

If you want the truth behind segregated UK schools, then don’t look at the area in which your child attends. Concentrate instead on the surrounding area. The problems that segregate minority children are caused by those communities that are least able to integrate. By concentrating on integration, you can help to eliminate the segregation and create an environment in which all kids feel accepted.

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