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The Truth Behind Segregated UK Schools

The present paper is aimed at explaining what makes neighborhoods in the United States become so segregated. I will focus on Greater London, which has some of the most exclusive and wealthiest areas in England. This paper will reveal why these areas are still very exclusive and appealing to the rich people.

The first thing we have to consider is why there is high segregation in some parts of UK? The answer is simple. People who are more affluent than others living in that geographical location become rich due to this kind of place. They purchase beautiful houses and expensive cars, but they do not allow their money to become idle. This enables them to concentrate on making money work for them. Consequently, there are many mansions with skyrocketing prices located only in certain places.

To begin with, another reason for its segregation is also basic simplicity. If you have children attending a school where you are taught different from your mother tongue, then you can end up as part of a minority group. This matter cannot be taken away from us since it happens all the time and explains why there are so many poor schools among those counted across Britain.

Then let me point out another case here. Wherever mass education exists, there is going to be segregation too; this means that our richest communities must accommodate minority pupils living below poverty line too. In fact, both go hand in hand with each other. Children attending these elite institutions often have several cultures represented by their fellow students but these do not blend into their own neighborhood through richer districts.

How can you avoid such situation? Another way would be looking for an affluent school within a minority community. Such could require upgrading existing facilities as well as selective teaching if desirable by any means. Alternatively, one can buy into cooperatives’ neighborhoods while almost every city has them in England alone so that parents can bring together their kids and help change conditions around them positively as well through engagement inside a safe environment with other members of the society.

If you want to know the truth about segregated schools in UK, do not focus on the place where your child studies. Instead look at the area around it. The issues that divide minority children are created by those communities that have the least ability to integrate their members. By focusing on integration, all children can be well integrated with no segregation and this improves the feeling of acceptance among them.

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